It’s Been a Month…


It’s hard to believe, but it has been over a month since I left Beijing.  I think I’m over the time change mess, but sleep still doesn’t always come easily.  I have to remember that this was also true in Beijing, and that sleeping challenges aren’t related to geography.  It’s probably just me and maybe my age.

Still, I look back and wonder what I have accomplished – and what I would have liked to have accomplished by now.


  • I have my Ontario Driver’s License ($90 for five years)
  • As of today I have a cell-phone.  This took a bit of time, but I’m happy.  It has Google Play Store and I’m downloading apps like crazy!
  • I got myself a library card and a library day with my granddaughters.  This is good!
  • We have a community garden plot and seeds that are ready for planting! (And cheques so that I can pay my fees!)
  • Two books on designing a new life path are waiting to be read.
  • I am up to date (sort of) on my ESL Literacy course.

On the “Still to do” list:

  • write up my resume
  • Work through the life design books.
  • Catch up on my weather scarves which are very behind!
  • Build a healthy routine that incorporates my big rocks.  (I think I need to get some stones and make a visual)
  • Understand my new role in my family.  It’s not easy.

In leaving Beijing I left behind a quiet private space (and it was very quiet, maybe too quiet) with a routine and a sense of newness and surprise.  Here I have shared accomodations in a tight space, lots of noise (mostly good noise! and no snoring) and many demands.  The switch was more drastic than I thought it would be!

The fact that I am at the dining room table and writing, instead of tossing and turning in bed, is a step in the right direction.

That I am going to post this and move on to my course (I love on-line learning!) means I’m moving forward just a little bit more in embracing my new adventure.

Thanks for following along!


PS: The knitigator is a carving at our library.  It reminds me that people do change their life work and move on to different things.  I don’t think wood carving is on the agenda, but I’m glad it was for this artist!


About Marcia Stehouwer

I have a great life (most days) and a small budget, so being frugal is one of my favourite hobbies. I started this blog after procrastinating for 3 months, on April Fool's Day. I knit, I read, I knit, I work... I am also about a quarter of the way through my goal to lose 100 pounds. So between knitting, working, reading etc., I also do some walking! EDIT: 2021. I am not closer to my weight goal, but moving forward. The budget is still small. We are renting our homestead and progressing towards our family dream!
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