36 Days+ 6 and counting…

When I arrived in Beijing on August 29th, tired from a long flight and bewildered by the sounds and sights of this enormous city (and I hadn’t even seen all of it – just my own apartment complex) I had many plans and ideas of how I was going to spend my time.

For one, I was going to blog faithfully about my experiences here, recognizing them as fairly unique.  It’s not everyone that knows an older person who takes off for the Orient to teach English!  Usually they are just out of university and looking for ways to pay down debts, travel and have adventures.

But here it is, and in 5 weeks I will be getting on a plane and flying back.  Much has changed and little remains the same for my family.  One of my nieces has married – and I had to miss the family gathering.  Even with video access it was hard not to be there.   My immediate family (Emma, Eric and the grand children) have relocated to Ontario with all my books!  This means of course, that I must follow those books to their new location.

So I will arrive in Calgary, stay for 6 days saying good bye to people and then flying to London, Ontario and building a new life there.  It will be a tough 6 days, knowing that I won’t be back often – unless God brings me there some how.  I know that He has a sense of humour and He uses it often with me.  Oh how many times I have laughed with Him these past months.

Just to give  you an example of God’s faithful watchcare, let me share this picture and story.  First the picture and then the story, okay?


This picture is taken from a notebook that I keep on my desk at work.  Let me tell you it’s story.  Wednesday is a tough day for me.  I have three Grade 7 classes and it’s hard work for all of us to have a total English Immersion experience.  We are getting better, but it’s hard slogging.  After grabbing some lunch I went across the street to buy some notebooks to bring back as gifts. There is a tremendous variety available  here so it’s going to be a fun gift – at least I think so.  Anyways, as I’m digging through the pile, I come across this particular note book and I’m like “Hello?”  This is China – where Bibles have had to be smuggled into the country in the past, where Christ-followers are still persecuted for their faith and here, in this small little store, GOD speaks directly to me.

Since Emma is blogging at Sacred Stones and Pebbles I thought I would begin a conversation.  Her second blog post is about challenges.  My first challenge is to match her post for post!

Thanks for the visit.  I hope you were as encouraged as I was.




About Marcia Stehouwer

I have a great life (most days) and a small budget, so being frugal is one of my favourite hobbies. I started this blog after procrastinating for 3 months, on April Fool's Day. I knit, I read, I knit, I work... I am also about a quarter of the way through my goal to lose 100 pounds. So between knitting, working, reading etc., I also do some walking! EDIT: 2021. I am not closer to my weight goal, but moving forward. The budget is still small. We are renting our homestead and progressing towards our family dream!
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